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Notice to Residents


We will treat your premises for Pharaoh between 8:00am to 6:00pm. Please make proper arrangements for accessing your premises.

We are baiting yours unit/house for pharaoh ants problem. Your help is essential for overcoming this pest. Chemical bait will attract the Pharaoh ants and you will see a trail of ants to and from this bait station. It is requested ants should not be disturbed as they will carry active ingredients for their colony. Baiting program can take several months for the complete eradication of colony.

In order to obtain effective results please take the following measures:

  • Vegetables and fruits should not be left unsealed in the kitchen overnight
  • Pet food and water bowl should be covered at all times, especially at night and if possible place masking tape around the food/water bowl. Extra birds and fish food should be placed in sealed containers
  • Cookies, chocolates and candies should always be placed in tight lid containers
  • Always keep the electronic kitchen products clean both on inside and outside.
  • If you have certain light traps inside the house than dead flies should be removed regularly and window sills should clean
  • Refrigerator condensation pan should be emptied regularly
  • After making food, kitchen counter should be free of any crumbs or food residue
  • Garbage should not be left to pile up indoors and garbage container must be covered
  • Keep your kitchen area clean, do not leave food and dirty dishes overnight, practice good sanitation conditions in the house at all time
  • Taps and hot water tanks should not drip and avoid over watering indoor plants
  • Oil and any kind of grease should be cleaned from stove, oven, microwave, pans, etc
  • Bath tubs and wash basins should never be left over flow

If you have any question about pharaoh ants’ activity, please feel free to contact us. Pharaoh ants are the most difficult species to control among ants. Bait application and regular monitoring is very important for their control. We may need more bait for the eradication of pharaoh ant problems

If you have further questions, please contact us at: 780-707-1686.

In any emergency, please contact Poison Control Centre at: 1-800-332-1414.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

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