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Notice to Residents


We will treat your premises for Cockroach problem between 8.00am to 4.00 pm. Please make proper arrangements for accessing your premises and also advised to keep away from treated area at least for 4-hours

The preparatory steps play an important role in the treatment of any pest problem. So, preparation should always start from the infested place

You are advised to keep in mind that the following places serve as potential shelters for roaches

  • Edges of walls and counters
  • Any cracks and crevices in the house especially in the kitchen area
  • Motor compartment under refrigerators
  • Electrical devices and wall sockets
  • Plumbing fixtures and under sinks in kitchen and bathrooms

You are requested to help us in solving your roach problem by preparing your house as follows for getting better result of treatment

  • Remove all items from cabinets, drawers, cupboard underneath sink and medicine cabinets.
  • Remove all household items from kitchen drawers, top shelves, counters and under the kitchen counter
  • Move stove and refrigerator at least one foot away from the wall
  • Fish tank must be covered with towel and the circulation pump must be disconnected
  • Remove dishes individually and inspect each one for roaches that may be hiding
  • Place contents of cabinets and drawers in the center of the living/dining room floor.
  • Take all unopened food and place them on the living room floor
  • Take a clean polythene sheet and cover all the items that have been removed from the kitchen and the bathrooms.
  • Do not leave out any food, pet bowls or pet food in the treating area
  • Place all children’s toys in a closet or in plastic bags
  • We will treat the internal perimeters of your house, especially all baseboard in the living rooms, bedrooms and kitchen areas, in addition to cabinet and drawers in the kitchen area
  • Make arrangement for you and your pets to keep off of the premises for at least four hours after treatment.
    Special instructions apply to the following:
    4 hours: healthy adults and pets
    6 hours: pregnant females (seek your doctor’s advice), children and infants
  • Sanitation measure to avoid roaches:

    • Store garbage in insect proof container
    • Store food in insect proof container
    • Remove grease and food debris from all kitchen surfaces
    • Drain with hot water, seal cracks and fill crevices to remove hiding places
    • Discard any food that is opened

If you have further questions, please contact us at: 780-707-1686.

Note: You may experience more roach activity in the next few days due to the effectiveness of the chemicals.

In any emergency, please contact Poison Control Centre at: 1-800-332-1414.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

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