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Notice to Residents


We will treat your premises for Bed bugs problem between 8.00am to 4.00 pm. Please make proper arrangements for accessing your premises and also advised to keep away from treated area at least for 4-hours.

The preparatory steps play an important role in the treatment of any pest problem. So, preparation should always start from the infested place.

  • All curtain, bedding, pillows linen should be removed and washed in hot water. After drying with hot air they should be placed in new bags and resealed.
  • Mattress and box spring should be hung along the wall, so that technician can inspect them thoroughly. All items should be removed from the closet, dresser, night stand, drawers and placed in sealed bags. The bags must be closed with twist ties. If the items are washable then move to washer, otherwise place them in the center of the room, washroom tub or in garage.
  • Clear all kitchen counter tops, if you leave re-useable kitchen ware on counter top, they should be properly covered and after application as precaution all items should be washed.
  • If you have any pets (cats, dogs, etc…) in the house, make sure they are not indoors during the treatment as chemicals can affect them.
  • All furniture should be placed at least 2-feet away from the wall so that the internal perimeter of the house can be treated properly and thoroughly, as bedbugs also live between baseboard and wall.
  • As we will treat all furniture, bed, floor edges; place all items in the centre of floor and do not place any items on the bed.
  • Any fish tanks must be covered with a towel and the circulation pump must be disconnected.
  • Remove all medicines, hygiene products and any other household items, and tightly seal them in plastic bags. Then place all plastic bags in the bath tub for safety.
  • Remove all items from coffee table, sofas, bookshelves, TV stand, etc… If possible place all items in sealed plastic bags. Then place all bags where they will not restrict access.
  • All the linen from baby cribs should be laundered and toys should be washed in hot soapy water and stuffed toys dried at high heat accordingly.
  • Beds and floor areas should be vacuumed thoroughly. Tightly seal the vacuum bags and place it in trash outside.
  • We will inspect and may treat all bedside tables, wall hangings, pictures, and bed frames. Keep the tops of bedside tables clear and empty all drawers.
  • Even after treatment inspect mattresses regularly and do not use bed skirts. If you find any bug, pick it up with a tissue and flush it. You will receive a second treatment after two weeks and the third treatment 2-weeks after the second one
  • The office will schedule your follow up and at the time of first application, the office will provide you tentative dates for second and third treatment. Please try to follow the schedule however if the dates do not suit you, inform the office at your earliest in order to reschedule.
  • Seal any cracks in walls, baseboards, door frames, etc… to reduce hiding places. Keep clutter and storage items to a minimum. It will be better to keep items bagged until all three treatments are complete.
  • After the treatment, you might notice an increase in pest activity. If this occurs do not worry, it is due to the previous treatment, driving the pests out of their nests.
  • We will treat the internal perimeter of your house especially all baseboard in living room, bed room and kitchen areas. We will also loosen the baseboard of the house if required, as most bedbugs hide themselves between the wall and baseboard. You are advised to fix them back once the treatments are complete.
  • Make arrangement for you and your pets to keep away from the premises for at least four hours after treatment.
    Special instructions apply to the following:
    4 hours: healthy adults and pets
    6 hours: pregnant females (seek your doctor’s advice), children and infants

Facts about Bedbugs:

  • Can live over 6-8 months without food.
  • Hatchlings start adult life within 5 weeks and lay 200-300 eggs.
  • Sometimes can hide up to 100 feet away from their feeding source.
  • Usually live within 15 to 20 feet of the bed
  • Resistant to countless insecticides.
  • Feed at night and bite the exposed skin, rarely crawling into clothing.
  • Bedbugs are spread through deliveries, traveling, used furniture and visitors.

Disposal of furniture

Furniture infested with bedbugs should be disposed of in a manner that will prevent their further spreading. In case you decide to throw away the infested furniture, wrap the furniture in plastic bags so that any remaining bedbugs cannot escape. It is advised that the infested furniture should be destroyed to avoid usage by others. The mattress and box springs should be ripped before wrapping and disposal.

If you have further questions, please contact us at: 780-707-1686.

Note: You may experience more bedbug activity in the next few days due to the effectiveness of the chemicals.

In any emergency, please contact Poison Control Centre at: 1-800-332-1414.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

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